Innovative financial algorithms in complex and evolving financial markets


About Us

x-alg is an innovative Startup that carries out research and development in the field of specific and innovative algorithms for the financial sector. Already owner of a registered algorithm software patent and proven multi-year experience, promises to become a niche leader in the international development and commercialization of innovative quantitative algorithms for qualified investors.
In a context of a rising number of investment choices, the algorithms are able to process large volumes of data in an automated and mechanical way, allowing them to get the most out of the largest possible investment opportunities globally. All this in a global market context that in 2016 exceeded 56 trillion of global financial assets invested in the form of active management and the constant search for innovative and functional solutions.

Fokussierung bei der Arbeit

Our innovative Technology

x-alg Srl owns a registered software of an algorithm called Dynamic Asset Rotation Model (in short D.A.R.M), tested and functional to the qualification as a “Startup innovativa”.
Our Vision involves using Machine Learning to further improve the existing algorithm so that it can become "self healing" over time and can autonomously adapt itself to changing economic scenarios.

Geschäftspartner bei der Arbeit

We develop and register new algorithms to expand the commercial potential and the range of solutions offered.
We are also working on the development of a cloud platform that allows the processing of the algorithms.
If you are looking for an innovation driven partner feel free to get in touch with us.


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